This article was featured in the Inspirational Corner of  Balanced Life Magazine, Fall 2010, pg 10

When I think of awareness I imagine the sunrise on the horizon. It unveils itself slowly at first and then as the light peaks up over the horizon it appears to rise faster as more light is revealed. The process is a similar one as you become aware of the ‘I” within yourself. It can evolve slowly at first as you take the initial steps of bringing your attention to the Light that lives within. With a quiet attention to your mind, body and heart you begin to experience a waking up to who you truly are. It is through awareness you that you walk the path of acceptance and peace.

When I think of seeking peace and acceptance in our lives, I am reminded of the stories I hear from clients, of the worrying thoughts that lurk in the mind usually around 4:00 a.m. and how invariably they seem to pass at sunrise. Similarly, as your awareness expands it both illuminates and lightens the way to what feels like waking up from a dream or nightmare. The dream which keeps you confined in repetitive thoughts, concerns, beliefs or illusions.

As you bring to light all that lives within – the parts that you perceive as good and bad – you move into a place of accepting and allowing life to be just as it is and have a sense of peace that you are good enough by simply being. Awareness is always available to you in the present moment. Think of those times when you set time aside to watch the sunrise, while on vacation or on a special occasion. You may have experienced a feeling of wonder and awe at this simple yet beautifully natural occurrence. When you were fully present to the sunrise you may have had a sense of sacredness in the moment and for all life. In the same way, by creating the time and space for stillness you provide an opening to expand your awareness to the sacredness that lives within.

In each instant you are given the opportunity to listen and become attentive to the insight and wisdom within. It is through conscious listening and simply being that you move along the path towards acceptance and honouring who you are. It sounds simple and yet many of us find it challenging to fully understand this using only our minds. This is because the mind alone cannot grasp this concept. It is through the body and heart that you become aware and absorb the information. When you allow the heart and body to communicate messages to the mind, you become aware and comprehend the wisdom that waits to reveal itself.

I will return to my analogy of the sunrise for a moment. When we experience nature in the moment in all its splendor, there is a sense of child-like acceptance, imagination, wonder and awe at the beauty before us. It feels like a simple, light-hearted moment and way of being. This is what you are being called to do – keep it simple. With a child-like heart, trust that your heart knows the way. The path is not one you will find through the intellect but rather one of awakening the heart and rekindling a friendship with your authentic Self – your Divinity – the Light and Love that breathes through all that exists. Just as each sunrise is unique you will discover your own distinctive path of inward reflection and discovery. As you live through the heart, there is a feeling of coming home to who you truly are. It is by living through the heart that you come to know what is needed to feel nourished and to live healthily and happily.

As you move into a heart-centered way of being, you then begin to understand how to be with yourself, others and the earth. It is through the development of awareness of your mind, body and heart that you bring them into alignment with the Truth that lives within. You can then act from a desire to manifest well being, peace and joy for yourself and on behalf of all life. I encourage you to find the time to sit and watch a sunrise and let it be a reminder to rekindle the flame of passion that burns in your heart and fuels your commitment to aligning yourself with the Light. Allow yourself to accept a new way of being in harmony within and with others and the earth – Your heart knows the way.