Linda’s Approach

Linda’s philosophy of practice is heart-centered with a focus on bringing the mind, body and heart into balance. She believes that you have the wisdom within for your own well-being.  Linda provides a space of unconditional acceptance as you explore new creative ways of understanding and simply being from your heart.

Linda uses a variety of techniques such as intuitive counselling, heartfulness practices and exploration through movement and art.  The focus is on your strengths and wellness as you are supported along your path of increased heart-awareness.

You bring with you a lifetime of experience involving family, friends and values that are central to your life. Linda respects and strives to understand your unique perspective as she assists you to begin the process of living simply through your heart. As a compassionate and empathetic counsellor  she is present to assist you with restoring harmony, peace and joy in your life.  Light joyful and playful – the heart knows no other way of being.

Personal sessions are provided on a self-referral basis. To make an appointment or to talk about your particular need, please fill out the contact form and she will contact you within 48 hours.

Confidentiality is important and your safety and trust is ensured.   Linda will not share information with anyone without your request and consent.